About Me

As you already know, my name is Kevin Cosby. I reside in Louisville, KY, where I was born and raised. I love being creative and found my niche in website and graphics design. In 1998 I had a 'front-end' website that was designed for my business. The more I could manipulate it the more money I saved. Before long (after reading many software and html manuals), I was well on my way to annoying the very guys that designed it. See, I was doing things that even they didn't know could be done. Since that time, I've continued to educate myself and now offer my services to those in need of website design and/or maintenance.

I'm here to help get your website off to a great start. Don't be one of those that wished they had done it better the first time, then take on the task, and cost, of starting over. Your website reflects what you and your business or hobby are all about. If you pay for a $50.00 website, then it will look exactly that...like a $50.00 mess. It also shouldn't cost a fortune to get you started. I'll help guide you through the process and even warn you when I believe you may be getting in over your head, or beyond your budget. Again, it shouldn't cost a fortune to gain much needed exposure.

I also take personal pride in your new website as my name appears at the bottom of the page (optional). This is a reflection on my work and I won't let either one of us down. After years in this field I firmly believe that you'll enjoy your new investment and the time we spend getting your website launched. Oh, that's another benefit of using my services, my turn-around time is usually just 1-2 weeks once I have all materials in hand. Many other webmasters can take months (and the neighbor's kid could be a year or more). I will also be honest with my assessments, pricing, recommendations and capabilities when working with my customers. Once your website is 'live' on the web, I'll continue to be available for routine maintenance, updates, additions and enhancements as your business or hobby grows.

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