Do you really need a website?

Yes! Of course I'm being biased but in all seriousness, if you have a hobby, teaching skill, passion, business or anything else that would benefit others by sharing, then it would pay to have your very own website. Any business, especially, should have a website to at least say, "Here we are", "This is what we have", "Here are our services offered" and "Here's how to contact us". It's still surprising at the number of businesses that have no web presence. And there's really no excuse other than the fear of the unknown and the worry of the costs associated with launching a website. You don't have to be a computer guru or international banker to launch and afford your own website. But you should be visible. A website can be a huge asset for Mom & Pop businesses today. If someone does an internet search for 'hair dressers' and finds a listing with only a phone number and address, but also finds a listing with a small website simply showing the storefront, pictures of the inside, comments from happy customers, rates, hours, an interactive map, etc., guess who has the better chance of acquiring that new customer? Your website also doesn't have to be an elaborate display either. A few simple pages with the most pertinent information could be a big game changer, especially when your competition doesn't have one, or they let their neighbor's kid build it for breaking their window.

A website is a worthy investment and a much needed tool these days. Again, just to let potential customers know who you are, what you have and how to get there. Keeping it simple can also save you in the long run by avoiding the time requirements and costs of updating. You have enough to do running your business without squeezing in a crash course on html, CSS and JavaScript coding. Let me do it for you!

Is a deposit required?

Yes. Usually a 50% deposit is needed to begin the process of developing your new website. Large web design companies have multiple personnel and resources to work on a project(s) and can afford to take the risk of a client changing their mind, losing funding or any other issues that may arise unexpectedly. I, as an independent designer, cannot afford to do this. Especially when additional scripts, stock images, software's, etc. are involved for your particular project. This also demonstrates to me, your commitment, in following through with the entire process. But, I do have an advantage over larger companies in that I don't have the huge payroll and overhead that requires top dollar for website designs and updating. By being independent I have much better rates, control and I'm undoubtedly one-on-one with my customers and their needs.

What about domain names?

This is on you. Trust me, it's not a big deal and it's quite inexpensive. You'll need to decide on a name (actually an address, or URL) and check through a domain search to see if it's available. If it is, you'll sign-up and register the domain name. If not, you'll have to think of an alternative name to what you originally wanted. The shorter the better and '.com' is the most popular. I would recommend GoDaddy.com for their ease of use and renewal notifications. The cost is around $11.99 per domain name. This fee is renewed each year and can also be increased to multiple years so that you won't have to worry about it for a while. This fee is separate from my services and has nothing to do with me. I can help with names, registering or pointing to my server if needed. If you use the banner below it will save you 10% on your Domain Name and/or Hosting purchase.

Save 10% on your entire order

What about hosting, maintenance and updating?

Once I've completed your new website you'll have three options:

  1. I can deliver your new website via flashdrive or email link to download onto your own computer. From there you can do everything from your end if you're accustomed to FTP and HTML updating on your own server. Or,

  2. I can gain access to your server, install the website and provide all future updates per your request. Updates, added features, etc., will be charged per job at a low hourly rate with a one hour minimum. The amount of updates and frequency is solely up to you. If you decide to have your own new hosting account, please use GoDaddy.com (through the banner link above) as I'm familiar with their inner workings and settings. This would cut down on the time needed to learn my way around another hosting website. You will also save 10% on your first order. Or,

  3. I can host your new website on my server and you do absolutely nothing other than point your domain name to my server address. I can even do that for you if needed. And again, all future updates will be solely upon your request. An added benefit to allowing me to host your website is that I'll waive the first full year of the hosting cost. Then it's only $30.00 per year after the first year. That's only $2.50 per month.
    *The yearly hosting fee does not include separate eCommerce/shopping cart fees which are usually through a third party.

Once the website is launched, who actually owns it?

That's an easy one...it's YOUR'S. No matter which option you choose from hosting (above), your new website is yours and yours alone, even if you decide to remove the website from my hosting services to your own provider. *My name link must remain at the page bottom regardless of the above options (explained below).

Why is my name link at the bottom of your new website?

This is optional. My name link is there because I designed the website. It can be removed with a nominal fee, at any time. The reason webmasters do this is to protect their design and/or coding. By removing it you're saying to the world wide web that you designed and built it and do not give any credit to the original designer. If a webmaster doesn't openly charge for the removal of their name or identity, they've probably already accounted for the fee into their design price.

Will my new website appear on your 'examples' page for free?

Yes it will. Unless you request that it not be. I don't know why you wouldn't want it to...it's free advertising!

Will my new website have a traffic counter added?

Yes it will. During the process I'll have you open an account (free) with a popular counter provider. I'll gain access, acquire the proper coding and install the counter on the needed pages throughout your website. The counter not only records the number of hits your site receives, it also breaks down the country, state, city, IP addresses, browsers used, most popular pages, downloads and much more. The counter can be visible for all to see or remain hidden for your eyes only.

Do you offer CMS (Content Management Systems)?

Sorry, not at this time. If you're looking at my services to design and build a website for you, it's most likely because you don't know how to create a website yourself and you want it done professionally. The same should be done with adding new content, features and updating as well. And many people simply don't have time and especially to learn how to update. Most CMS's allow a user to add text/images but many show the lack of professional updating in their results. Recently a business wanted to update certain segments of their website and quickly found out that the website itself could not be changed to what they had in mind. They spent thousands on the initial website only to have it last about three years, then needed a complete overhaul to reflect their growth. In the end it would have been better to have had the same design and keep the relationship with their webmaster open. I recommend to set your website up so that updates are kept to a minimum and only when necessary, such as price changes, new images, critical news and adding new features when your profits allow the expansion. Most CMS's allow you to change background colors, text size, text content, etc. The simple stuff. But not the margins, parameters, column spanning or the basic framework and structure of the site. So, there's still a good chance you'll need changes in the future such as the business mentioned above.

Are there any types of websites that you won't do?

Yes. Please do not ask me to design gambling, pornography, questionable or illegal websites. Go to the next guy in line!