Welcome to my intensely deep, dark
world of website and graphics design.

OK, OK...just kidding. There's nothing to be
scared of. Point is, you can make your website
appear to be anything you want it to be. Just use
your imagination and let me translate it onto the
world wide web for the whole world to enjoy!

Investing in a new site or upgrading your current
one shouldn't give you the jitters or break the bank.
If you're looking to launch a website for a favorite
hobby of yours, or even your small business, all while
staying on a tight budget...I can help. Avoid using DIY
cheesy software, 'build your site in 5 minutes' websites,
templates that hundreds or even thousands of others
have used, or sign up for low-rate monthly hosting fees,
that after a year or two could have netted you a fully
custom designed website from the start.

Enter here if you dare...