I offer numerous options:

- Custom Web Design
- Custom Graphics
- Stock Photo Access
- Logo Designs
- No Hidden Fees
- No Long Term Contracts
- No Monthly Contracts
- Web Hosting
- Hidden Site Counter
- Video Embedding
- Business Cards
- Fliers
- Menus
- Post Cards
- Poster Designs
- Letterhead
- and more...

Please view my 'FAQ' page for more information on hosting options, domain names and other questions you may have.


Search Engine Optimization, in my view, has become a big game and money maker among webmasters. Please do not pay outrageous amounts for this so-called service. I include the best possible combination when setting up your website. It's utterly impossible for EVERYONE to be listed in the 'Top 10' of search engine rankings. Here's an example of how wording is played on. Search 'kevin cosby', and you'll find that I'm listed as #3 on Google. The only reason that I'm not #1 or #2 is a local reverend has a large presence in the Louisville community and surrounding areas through his church. He also gets a lot of traffic through videos, news and various other forms of media. His website traffic count is higher, thus placing above mine. Now, if you search 'web design kevin cosby', you'll find that I have the Top 3 rankings (and many others among the Top 100). If you search only 'web design', I won't show up on the Top 100 because there are literally hundreds of thousands of webmasters throughout the globe and many get more traffic than I do. So, if you're a car lot and expect to be in the Top 10 search results for 'car lot', you'll be disappointed.

I'll be realistic with you and do my best to guide you in the right direction. Whether you use my services, or the next guys, please don't fall for unrealistic pitches and do a little homework and research first, before you commit to your new investment.

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